Vegetarian Meat Products

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All of the following products are available every Saturday at the Nelson Market.

You can also purchase at The Vegetarian Butcher outlet and select retailers. Mail orders welcome!

Vegan Italian Spicy Sausage
award winning vegetarian meats

Italian Spicy Sausage

Herbs from the Mediterranean and a hint of chili make this vegan sausages perfect for any plate of pasta, pizzas or in a sandwich, or, why not on a paella or a fresh salad!

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Vegetarian Marinated Steak

The Marinated Steak

Fast and easy, ready for the grill or the pan, the best selling Maria’s steak!

Vegan Spanish Chorizo
award winning vegetarian meats

Breakfast Sausages

Full of flavors to start your day in style. Actually, who has to have these Breakfast Sausages for breakfast only... any time of day is good!

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Maria’s Italian Pastrami

Maria’s Italian Pastrami

A favorite for lunches and picnics. Our Italian style pastrami, with paprika and my secret spices mix will make you sing… in Italian!

Vegan Spanish Chorizo
award winning vegetarian meats

The Spanish Chorizo

Full of flavors to bring to your paella or pasta, or in a sandwich with vegan cheese , this vegan chorizo will leave you speechless … unless you speak Spanish!


Where To Buy

Every Saturday morning at the Nelson Market, our Commercial Kitchen or In Store

Vegetarian Spicy Italian Sausages
Vegetarian Breakfast Sausage
Vegetarian BBQ Steak
Vegetarian Pastrami
Vegetarian Chorizo